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What is gtlyfe?

gtlyfe is a smart engine powered by our network of sensors and AI. Our goal is to make your everyday living easier and more efficient through anticipating your unique needs in an ever more connected Georgia Tech campus.

Manage time

Get more done. No more wait. No more queues.

Improve academics

Find help. Give help. Learn more.

Stay connected

Always connected. With people, things and happenings.

Be safe

Safety matters – physical, digital. Stay aware. Be informed.

The Students Agree!

"The Smart Scheduler saved me so much time this past week. I got so many things done!" - Jenny, Freshman.

"I almost missed turning in an assignment I already completed. Thank gosh for the notification so I didn't get in trouble". - Hannah, Freshman

"It's as if it knows everything about me and can suggest only the things I want to attend, I love it!" - Jimmy, Freshman

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How gtlyfe works


Manage time

Never worry about having to miss an event to make a deadline. Stay on top of things. Our smart scheduler will help you find things that matter to you and make time for them.


Manage study groups

Forming study groups is a button away. We will work to find time for you and your peers while you work to get the work done. And of course you can use it to form other groups.


Stay connected

Be with your friends. Eat together. Workout together. Keep track of your belongings. Our network of sensors will always keep you connected.


Safety Net

We know it could be tricky out there. If you have to leave campus late, our safety feature allows you to broadcast your location to fellow Yellow Jackets and walk back home in groups or get a free ride.

Sign up to be a Student Ambassador

Georgia Tech students helped design this bleeding edge platform and are the first in the country to get access to these contextual services. From all those who sign-up, we will nominate a limited number of "Student Ambassadors" for first access and free privileges. Click for more info.

Learn More

Student Ambassador Program

gtlyfe Student Ambassador Program is an opportunity for students to experience the innovative platform, provide feedback, and evangelize the value of our app.

By becoming an ambassador, you get to:

  • Be a part of a select team of students from multiple disciplines
  • Access to early addition features of the app
  • Enhance your professional, communication and leadership skills
  • Use gtlyfe sensor and application for no cost
  • Participate in gtlyfe monthly food/fun events
  • Be the domain expert and resident evangelist for gtlyfe
  • Access to early addition features of the app
  • Be considered for summer internship

To be an Ambassador, you need to:

  • Be an evangelist and promoter for gtlyfe at GaTech with friends/peers
  • Plan and attend gtlyfe events as gtlyfe representatives
  • Build relationships for gtlyfe with student groups and organizations on campus
  • Be an avid user of gtlyfe

Become a Student Ambassador!

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Under the Hood

gtlyfe uses leading edge “Internet of Things” platform and a network of local sensors. The real time, context aware data from sensors runs through our AI-based analytics engine to offer personalized services on campus designed to make everyday living more efficient, more rewarding.

IoT Sensors

These advanced sensors – available as stickers, pendants and other wearable formats – collect contextual data that you allow. This avalanche of data then turns into insights.

AI Engine

Our patent pending AI Engine turns data into insights, and insights into rules. These rules govern how the application behaves to give you hyper-personalized, hyper-localized services.


Finally, our application integration framework interconnects everyday applications (e.g., GPS, calendar) to deliver a unified, expansive experience.

Let’s make lyfe more productive and more rewarding. That’s the promise of gtlyfe.

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