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What is gtlyfe?

gtlyfe is an intelligent digital assistant that keeps you organized, active, and involved on campus. With powerful scheduling and productivity tools, gtlyfe seamlessly integrates your academic and social life across campus.

Manage time

Get more done. No more wait. No more queues.

Improve academics

Find help. Give help. Learn more.

Stay connected

Always connected. With people, things and happenings.

Be safe

Safety matters – physical, digital. Stay aware. Be informed.

The Students Agree!

"The Smart Scheduler saved me so much time this past week. I got so many things done!" - Jenny, Freshman.

"I almost missed turning in an assignment I already completed. Thank gosh for the notification so I didn't get in trouble". - Hannah, Freshman

"It's as if it knows everything about me and can suggest only the things I want to attend, I love it!" - Jimmy, Freshman

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gtlyfe is focused on improving every Georgia Tech student’s daily life. It’s why Georgia Tech students have helped us design every facet of our digital assistant, involved from Day One. Each year, we look for engaged, inspired students to help us spread the word and improve the app. Click for more info.

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Student Ambassador Program

gtlyfe Student Ambassador Program is an opportunity for early adopters to experience the platform, provide feedback, and evangelize the value.

By becoming an ambassador, you get to:

  • Be a part of a select team of students from multiple disciplines
  • Access to early addition features of the app
  • Enhance your professional, communication and leadership skills
  • Use gtlyfe sensor and application for no cost
  • Participate in gtlyfe monthly food/fun events
  • Be the domain expert and resident evangelist for gtlyfe
  • Access to early addition features of the app
  • Be considered for summer internship

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Let’s weed out daily encumbrances and make lyfe more productive, more rewarding. That’s the promise of gtlyfe.